Our team at Sea & Land Services is heavily invested in ensuring boats are properly cared for year-round. There's no better way to keep a boat safe from the snow and freezing rain through the winter months than by keeping it shrink wrapped.

We believe the best shrink wrap jobs are those that are well ventilated to avoid excessive moisture and mold growth, and past clients have been nothing by happy with the results.

Pricing is based on length as listed below:

(Please note we've had major price increases due to the cost of shrinkwrap and supplies from COVID supply chain issues)

Boat Lengths up to 25ft: $18.00 Per ft.

Boat Lengths 26ft – 30ft: $20.00 Per ft.

Boat Lengths 31ft – 35ft: $22.00 Per ft.

Boat Lengths 36ft – 40ft: $24.00 Per ft.

Boat Lengths 41ft – 50ft: $26.00 Per ft.

Boat Lengths over 50ft: Email for quote

Sailboat with mast up will have an additional charge of $125 per mast. 

Please note all pricing includes shrink-wrap material and general boat framing, preparation, and shrink wrapping. Canvas removal and other labor items not associated with general boat preparation will be billed at $100/hr.

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